One of Our Survivors Gets a Gift of Golf Clubs!

In the Pink & Infinite Wishes Foundation partnered to surprise one of our breast cancer survivors with golf clubs this week. Stacy Palmer is a Stage IV Cancer Survivor and we couldn’t be happier to have been able to do this for her and her beautiful family.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!! I very much appreciate you blessing me with the golf clubs. To be able to grab my own golf equipment and go play when my heart desires is truly a blessing. The things In the Pink and Infinite Wishes does for women in my situation and similar is wonderful. I regained a passion for something and an enjoyment for something that has me being more active, like I was before my diagnosis. I really want to get better and one day play in a Women’s Senior Tournament.  I’m 44 right now so setting goals like this has me focusing on those milestones instead of Metastatic Breast Cancer. My thought process is no longer how many years do I have left to live but rather I want to accomplish this by year five and this by year ten and so forth. So this gift you have given me is so much more than just a set of clubs but rather hope of a future.  Once again thank you and words truly can not express how overjoyed I am. Just know that what you do is a blessing and it’s so much bigger than many might give you credit for. But I appreciate you and what you do. 

Thank you,
Stacy L. Palmer

Stacy Palmer and family

Jeri standing with Stacy and golf clubs
Jeri K Millard, Founder of In the Pink with Stacy Palmer