Note from the CEO/Founder

In the Pink is a unique non-profit, in that it has established “store front” locations where retail and giving activities come together.  Within the walls of this beautiful space, miraculous things take place.  It has far exceeded my original vision of how women with cancer could be provided the solace and support needed to survive their journey with cancer.  It is my belief that all people with cancer should have access to the items and services they need to make this journey more palatable, while being treated with the dignity they deserve.  Cancer is an overwhelming disease that affects everyone within the survivor’s world and they often need a non-medical place to go to be able to express their fears, discuss personal issues, and share resources in a safe environment.  I am very proud to have a staff that meets those needs and feel fortunate to be able to be part of so many lives.  It is not unusual to find entire families gathered together at In the Pink to take part in significant, life-changing events such as a head shaving or choosing a wig.  We encourage these interactions and hope to put a “good face” on an otherwise grim situation.  Every day brings new challenges to cancer patients and we try to remember that these people need our human touch.  They want to tell their stories and be heard in order to feel loved and respected.  Though many of the stories and challenges are similar, each path is different, depending on the life-altering choices each patient must make.  At In the Pink, we do not give advice, but can assist them through providing knowledge about their disease, the side effects, their choices, products, and the availability of resources in their community.  This knowledge is empowering to the cancer patient and helps reduce fear of the unknown (i.e., when will my hair fall out, how will I look with only one breast, what will I wear, etc.), giving them some semblance of control in an otherwise chaotic situation.  Our work at In the Pink is not a job, but a mission.

Note from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

In The Pink… a beautiful concept turned into reality.  Jeri Millard and the entire In the Pink staff have written a wonderful story on how to create a successful business that supports the fight against cancer.  Many express their thanks to these women on a daily basis.  Our vision was not only to be successful in achieving our goals, but to be significant in doing so.  Significant in the lives of women living with all types of cancer.  Significant in impacting those lives to feel the desire to survive and endure.  To be successful means one has achieved a goal; to be significant means one has touched another person’s life forever.  When living with cancer, success should never be good enough; it can’t be.  As a non-profit working with limited funding, it’s amazing how much Jeri and her team have become significant to the fight; to the will to survive.  Just hearing the many personal stories of the survivors who lives have been impacted by In the Pink exemplifies that.  Now it’s time to make this wonderful story of success one of significance and we can only do that with help.  Jeri built a successful business model, one that can easily achieve great significance, but that requires funding.  I am a board member on many non-profits, but I am most passionate for In The Pink.   It’s vision to become a powerful force in helping women living with cancer embrace their lives and learn to live with love rather than anger …  that’s defines significance.  (Kevin Switick, BOD Chair)