In the Pink Boutique gives cancer survivors their confidence back

By Hallie Peilet

SARASOTA – Since 2014, a little pink house has had a big mission.

“We’re a nonprofit boutique for women living with cancer,” ‘In the Pink’ Facility Manager Rachel Armstrong said.

Armstrong says while ‘In the Pink’ specializes in post mastectomy products, they have something for women with any type of cancer.

“Complimentary head shaving parties, we do lymphedema garments, radiation skincare,” Armstrong said.

Breast Cancer Survivor Sandy Mckitterick had one of those head shaving parties.

“Rachel shaved my head with my husband, daughter and two grandchildren watching,” Mckitterick said. “It was a very intimate, beautiful experience for all of us.”

Mckitterick first heard about the boutique after she had a mastectomy.

“After getting clearance and having all my staples removed, my first stop was here,” Mckitterick said.

Armstrong fit her for what she calls a ‘poof,’ or a breast form.

“They’re made of silicone; they’re weighted to be about 40% lighter than breast tissue of the same size,” Armstrong said. “The medical necessity is to restore the balance to the body.”

It can also make a woman feel more feminine and confident.

“It’s a special place for people that are going through such a tough time,” Mckitterick said.

“Insurance actually covers a lot of these items for women,” Armstrong said.

This year ‘In the Pink’ has already donated more than $5,000 worth of products to women in need. If you’re interested in donating, click here.