June 2016

Welcome to our newest additions to the In the Pink family!  Chelsey Becka joins us as a hairdresser three days a week at the beach location.  She is available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday on a part-time basis.  Call In the Pink at 372-0029 for appointments.  She is taking new clients!  We also welcome Liz Fiorentino as a part-time employee.  She will help us with general sales at the beach location.  Next time you are in the area, stop by to meet both of the new ladies! 


HEALTH ALERT: Talcum Powder Use Linked to Ovarian Cancer

The potential link between talcum powder-based products and cancer has been the subject of more than 20 studies over the last several decades. Dr. Daniel Cramer, a Harvard researcher and professor, testified that talcum powder is likely responsible for 10,000 cases of ovarian cancer each year.

If you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer and have a history of talcum powder use, you may qualify to receive damages.

A report published by the New York Times in the 80’s stated that Johnson & Johnson was aware of studies indicating the increased risk in ovarian cancer when talcum powder was regularly applied on the genitalia.

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An attorney can help you by:

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Start the claim process today and get one step closer to getting financial assistance for your mounting medical bills and suffering. VISIT https://www.consumerinjurylaw.com/ovariancancer-csp

FREE YOGA FOR CANCER PATIENTS WILL CONTINUE TO BE HELD ON WEDNESDAY MORNINGS AT 9AM.  Please rsvp each week by Tuesday afternoon at 4pm to info@jaxinthepink.net or call 904-372-0029 as a courtesy to our instructors.  Our permanent instructor is the wonderful Linda Altman.  We are thrilled to have her back with us again.  

We will also continue to offer a free Saturday morning class at 9am on the first Saturday of each month!  Many people have requested a Saturday class, so we are willing to provide one!!  Be sure to rsvp for this one, as well.  Linda Altman will be leading this class.


In the Pink sponsors DRAGON BOAT PADDLING for breast cancer survivors and their families, as well as non-survivors.  If you are interested in learning to paddle, join the Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club!  We have teams for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.  We also have one team, the Mammoglams, that is made up of all breast cancer survivors!  This is a great way to have fun and exercise with other women who understand your journey. For all people interested in any team, call Marty Millard at 904-536-3475 or for more information, visit www.jacksonvilledragonboatclub.com.  Stop by the new Jacksonville Dragon Boat Training Center at Beach Marine to see the new facility.  It is in the building just east of the old Nipper’s Grille.  Get bit by the dragon!  You can show up any Saturday morning at 10:45am for new paddler instruction.  Bring the entire family.  We start paddlers at 10 years old!  It is definitely a family sport.

June 18:  Join us at the first annual Salt Life Festival from Noon-10pm at the Jax Beach Pavilion.  Stop by In the Pink’s booth and purchase an In the Pink/ Salt Life refillable water bottle for $10.  All proceeds benefit In the Pink and people with cancer in your community.  For more information, visit www.saltlifefest.com.  Great music, family fun and great community…see you there!


July 4th:  In the Pink will be closed in all locations.

September 24th:  In the Pink’s signature fundraiser, the Jacksonville Dragon Boat & Paddle Festival, will take place at the Jacksonville Landing from 8am-4pm.  Come watch the fun of the dragon boats racing down the St. John’s River!  Bring the family and try out Stand Up Paddleboarding or join the SUP races.  www.jacksonvilledragonboatfestival.com  

If you know of any important events that might be of interest to our cancer patients, please give us a call at In the Pink (all locations) so we can consider them for our website.  We like to keep everyone updated.