Update for the Sarasota customers

To our Sarasota Customers

We are currently in negotiations with someone interested in our business and acquiring our clients.  This will not be complete until the end of the year (we hope it is by then).  If they do purchase our business, it will not be in the same location, the name of the place will not be In the Pink, yet it will be in Sarasota.  I guarantee you they will provide quality service.  I would never have it any other way!

The shop is currently closed and phone calls will not be returned.  A friend who lives there has agreed to help me get all orders delivered to people who have outstanding items.  She will contact you so please listen to your messages frequently.  Our lease runs out at the end of December so we would really like to have all deliveries complete by then.  If you choose to have orders delivered by mail, please send me a note (email is below) to let me know they were received.

I am not in Sarasota full-time.  You can still send me emails to jeri@jaxinthepink.net.  I look forward to a smooth transition for my clients.

Have a great holiday season!

Many blessings to each of you,
Jeri K. Millard, Founder