Letter from our Founder for Sarasota In the Pink Customers

Dear Sarasota Customers,

As many of you know, 2022 has brought many challenges to In the Pink.  I would call it the “perfect storm.”  Beginning with COVID restrictions that limited our fundraising activities and changed all of our ways of life.  Then our Store Manager left in February to move north with only two weeks notice. Compounded by supply chain issues, inability to find reliable staff to assist Alecia (who moved into the Store Manager position), and then Hurricane Ian.  We had limited power, internet and telephone services, which only added to the havoc of orders being backed up, inability to receive prescriptions/orders from physicians and claims being filed.

In the Pink opened in 2014 in Sarasota and has been able to care for over 6,000 cancer patients in that time.  As a non-profit, we run on a very tight budget, relying heavily on our fundraising activities and donors.  As you know, we provide free items to those women with no insurance or those who have Medicaid.  We have never waivered from that mission.  So, as a customer, you can feel proud of the help you provided to all those women through the years.  Yes, any revenue generated by your purchases resulted in helping those not as fortunate as many.

All current orders will be filled and delivered to you.  Please don’t worry…I will make this happen as quickly as possible.  I am also working on a solution for each of you for your future mastectomy, compression and wig fittings.  So, don’t give up on us yet!

I will be in Sarasota beginning Wednesday, October 26th and will stay until my work is completed in caring for my clients.  I promise to not abandon you and hope to see many of you very soon.  I will be working extended hours while there.  Please be patient, as I will be very busy meeting all of the current commitments.  As orders continue to arrive, I will call you as soon as each order is completely filled.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you for eight years.  I look forward to helping find solutions for your continued service.

Warmest regards,

​Jeri K. Millard, Founder

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